With the increasing pandemic of COVID-19 sweeping across the country, Lymington and Pennington Town Council are keeping an eye on developments as they happen and will using this webpage as a central source of information for our traders to access details on trading on Lymington market. We will update this page frequently with any decisions or changes as they occur, so please keep an eye here & our Facebook page.

22 July 2021

With Step 4 of the Government's road map introduced on the 19th July, the market is fully open & functioning with Covid-19 safe measures being encouraged throughout.  Casual traders are welcome to  come & trial the market - please see the trading page for more details. Please email or call 07585 607358 initially advising of the products you would like to sell.

11 May 2021

 With Step 3 of the Government’s road map being introduced from the 17th May, we are now in a position to finally welcome back casual traders to Lymington Market, as the market will finally return to two sides of the High Street on the 22nd May.

 If you are interested in being a trader please email in the first instance, advising of the products you wish to sell.

15th April 2021

Lymington market looks forward to welcoming back all non-essential traders this coming Saturday. With the easing of lockdown & step 2 introduced on the 12 April, the layout will remain on one side of the High Street to ensure social distancing measures can be accommodated. We are hopeful that when the layout returns to both sides we can welcome back casual traders.

 4th January 2021

Lymington Charter Market will be operating during the third lockdown.
Following government rules, stalls that predominately offer essential items are allowed trade.
On the market there will be a variety of food stalls (including takeaway), plants, hardware, watch repair and batteries, alternative therapies and a bike stall. There is plenty of space between stalls to allow for increased social distancing.
Please come along and support the traders, wear a face covering when queuing at a stall, hand sanitise and social distance from others.

5th November 2020

Lymington Charter Market will be operating during the 4 week second lockdown.
Following government rules, stalls that predominately offer essential items are allowed trade.
On the market this week will be a variety of food stalls, plants, DIY and a bike stall. There is plenty of space between stalls to allow for increased social distancing.
Please come along and support the traders, wear a face covering when queuing at a stall, hand sanitise and social distance from others.


The Town Council has looked at alternative solutions to running the market in new ways to facilitate social distancing on Saturdays, and one of them was turn the stalls into the road & close the High Street from the bottom of Gosport Street or close half the High Street from New Street.

 The closure of the High Street for the Saturday market is something that has been considered many times before.

 When this has most recently been discussed with Hampshire County Council (in 2018) it was dismissed due to the following reasons that made it unfeasible. These include;

 There are a large number of residential properties and businesses that have and need direct vehicular access to the High Street. These would be restricted from having access for 12 hours. (6am-6pm)

  • Morebus and Blue Star buses current route drops off & pick up passengers outside Corals.
  • The Post Office Depot, which has direct access from the High Street, has a universal service obligation to deliver post & parcels for 6 days of the week, with approximately 70 vehicular movements  of vans and lorries coming in & out from the depot from 2am – 4pm (or 6pm at the moment) every Saturday. There is no other location that the post can be sorted in Lymington and there is no rear access to the depot.
  • Any road closure has huge ramifications on the wider traffic in & around the town. An onsite meeting was carried out with Hampshire County Council when the temporary Road Traffic Order was introduced 18 months ago. The decision was that Captains Row is not able to sustain diverted traffic away from the High Street due to its narrowness. This does not allow a safe commodious route around the Town for the additional traffic or any large vehicles. Any road closure would likely have to be by Bridge Road to ensure traffic was diverted away from the Town.
  • The one way system is already abused and ignored with cars/bikes often driving/cycling against the flow of traffic, despite clear signage. Therefore marshals would be required to man the road closure from 6am – 6pm to ensure that only emergency vehicles and stall holders could enter & leave. This is not something that could be undertaken by volunteers and was cost prohibitive to the Town Council.

 The Town Council made contact with Hampshire County Council,  prior to planning how to restart the market, to discuss potential ways of improving the High Street to allow for social distancing measures during this pandemic.

 This is something that Hampshire County Council is looking at as part of their Covid-19 transport projects. They have not yet passed back any details but will revisit the feasibility of a road closure on market day and a temporary one way system for every day of the week, the funding for this would come out of the Covid-19 transport project.   They have confirmed these discussions are taking place as part of a Wave 2 of projects and will contact us in due course with any updates they have on potential pop up schemes.


Please add your comment to the covid travel map using the following link;

26th June 2020

The market will take place once again this week with even more stalls back on one side of the road.

Due to Covid-19, Lymington Market is currently only open to permanent traders while we try to accommodate their stalls on one side of the High Street. We are hopeful that when the layout returns to both sides we can welcome back casual traders, but unfortunately at the moment we don’t know when that will be. Keep an eye on this page for more details as & when they become available.  

19th June 2020

The market will take place once again this week with even more stalls back on one side of the road. 

10th June 2020

The trial market, on one side of the road, worked well.  On the 13th June 2020 we have many more traders attending from food to DIY and socks to plants.  Please come along and support the traders whilst respecting the 2m social distancing guidance.


29th May 2020

Lymington Market will re-open on the 6th June 2020 as a trial with a limited number of traders. The opening times are 9am – 4pm.

 Whilst legislation allows for outdoor markets to re-open from 1st June, they must be Covid-19 safe, and we need to trial this with a reduced number of stalls before fully re-opening the market. A dozen food and plant stalls will be on the high street in the first week.

 If the first week is successful we will seek to safely increase the number of stalls the following week.

 We have investigated many options, and whilst closing the road would be the easiest for the market, the number of residential properties and business that require access to the High Street make this option unviable. We would have to allow access to these properties and could not then safely manage pedestrians.

 We look forward to the market restarting and all our traders being able to quickly return.

Further to the new guidance released today (13 May 2020)  Lymington and Pennington Town Council would like to clarify that outdoor markets are one of the businesse venues that must remain closed, with the exception of a livestock market or stalls selling foods.

 The decision was taken to close Lymington market completely as it was felt that the nature of the High Street does not allow for the current social distancing rules to be carried out effectively. It was not taken lightly, but to ensure that mass gatherings do not happen, to ensure reduced social contact & to protect public safety for everyone – traders, pedestrians and customers alike.

 While we are keen to get traders businesses up and running, we will continue to follow government guidance and are working with NAMBA to devise a way for a reduced market to reopen in some form. We have no clear details or timescale as yet.


Lymington Plants           Plants and Trees                          

SCT                                      Crackling, Fudge & Nuts                   

Sam Long Ltd                   Fruit and Vegetables                            or 07912 505065 deliveries available in the New Forest Mondays & Saturdays

Blackwater Pork               Pork Butcher                                            or 07887 543342

Catleys Chilled Food       Pies, Cheese, meats, Cakes                or 01373 465874

Wayne Bellows                 Fruit & Veg                                           or 07968 066357

Authentique – Artisan & Organic Cakes, Bread, Pies, Pastries – Deliveries available       or  07856 237435


Advice to traders– 25 March 2020


Lymington Market will temporarily close from this coming Saturday, 28 March 2020 until further notice.

This decision hasn't been taken lightly and we have been watching & waiting to hear what the Government’s advice would be before we contacted you all. This is a very difficult time for the whole nation and we must always put the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff, traders, visitors and the wider community at the top of our priority list.

The situation has now been clarified in the latest ministerial guidance advice. Outdoor and indoor markets are to be closed, except for outdoor food markets. Those Market authorities who can operate,  are expected to closely follow the social distancing measures previously announced, and ensure that people stay at least 2 metres apart. We do not believe that we would be able to effectively deliver this arrangement in Lymington and have therefore taken the decision to cancel the market in order to protect everyone concerned.

These are tremendously challenging times for one and all and must to be taken extremely seriously. The latest Government advice is to remain at home, to protect the NHS and to stop all gatherings of more than two people in public in order to protect lives.

Our thoughts are with you & your families and whilst we fully appreciate that Lymington Market is an important part of your life and livelihood, we all now need to play our part.


The Town Council can confirm that your standing order payment for pitch fees can be temporarily frozen. You will need to take responsibility for doing this via your online banking system. We will keep this situation constantly under review and we will be in contact as soon as we can with suggestions of how we can offer support to ensure that Lymington Market can continue once the crisis is over.

In the meantime, please stay safe, look after yourself, your loved ones and your neighbours. We need each other during these tough times.

Lymington and Pennington Town Council 



SATURDAY 21st MARCH - Going ahead. 


Advice to Traders-  Wednesday 18 March 2020

"With the situation around Coronavirus (COVID-19) changing every day, however the current position of the Town Council is that Lymington Market will continue to stay open for as long as possible or until Government advice states that public markets should close. This position is to support the community in accessing fresh food and goods and encourage traders to continue their business in the best way they can in these currently unsettling times. Whilst we would like as many traders as possible to continue to trade, the decision on whether to come is, of course, at your own discretion.


Should you make the decision to trade then please follow all Government guidelines on handwashing frequently and ensuring your stall remains clean and is wiped over frequently too.


In order to support traders over the coming months the Town Council, with the support of guidance from NABMA , will be looking at a range of options aimed at providing community leadership to enable the Market to continue,  whilst supporting traders to continue to trade and keep functioning. More details will be supplied in the coming weeks.


The safety of staff, traders and members of the public is taken very seriously and therefore if you have any reason to think that you may have contracted COVID-19, are over 70 years old or have any underlying health issues yourself, then please follow Government advice which can be found at and do not attend the market. In these circumstances,  please contact the Market Supervisor ASAP & inform them if you won’t be attending or if easier email 

NABMA have suggested that advice & guidance for your business can be found at Business Support helpline 0300 4563565 (Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm).


We look forward to when the risk of the virus has abated and when the market can be fully functioning again, until then we remain grateful for everyone’s support, patience and understanding during this current stressful, unprecedented times and would like to wish you the best of health always. "